Deputies offer self defense classes to keep up with demand

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Region8 women beat up local law enforcement officers Saturday morning in a selfdefense class.

The Craighead CountySheriff's Department offered its first ever self defense class to teach boththe mental and physical sides of protection.

During the eight hours ofinstruction, participants learned how to properly punch, kick and even identifya predator.

Randy Sharp is a training officerand said the session is not only meant to be fun and entertaining, but also informativeand life-changing.

"That's why I becamea police officer, to help people and to protect people who can't defendthemselves," said Deputy Sharp. "Well, everyone needs to be able to defendthemselves to a point because there's not always a police officer there."

Fifteen womenparticipated, but there was a waiting list of at least 50 more.

Deputy Sharp said thedepartment will offer this class at least two or three more times this year tokeep up with the demand.

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