Veterans Honored In Jonesboro

November 11, 2004 -- Posted at: 5:00pm CST

JONESBORO, AR - A group of Region 8 residents took time out this morning to honor veterans who have served our country.

"This is an annual event to show appreciation to the men and women and the individuals that have added to our freedom over the decades and the centuries that makes our country so proud to live in," explained Danny Honnoll, Arkansas Division Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Military veterans who stopped buffing their boots many years ago, those who continue to do so and supporters of the service they have given to the United States made sure this Veterans Day would not be forgotten.

Mayor Hubert Brodell commented, "What a great day it is that some of our people that come back from Iraq and that they're enjoying those days, or will be enjoying those days back with their families."

Family members whose loved ones are currently serving in the Middle East for the first time truly understand those sacrifices. Gray clouds and drops of rain coincided with the feelings of emptiness they have.

"It makes me feel closer to my husband. I miss him really bad, especially times like these," admitted Candace Dawson, wife of Stacy who is a member of the Walnut Ridge unit of the 39th Infantry Division.

Dawson serves with Donna Hay's husband, Jason, "I just realize a lot more now than I actually did before, and I believe being here to support the cause is very important."

Those soldiers who have recently returned from Operation Iraqi Freedom know the importance of using this day as a lesson not only in history, but in life.

"If you can start you kids at an early age to understand how lucky we are to live in the United States, and how important it is to serve in whatever capacity you have, then the better it's going to be for them later on," said Dr. Spencer Guinn, an orthopedic surgeon who returned from Iraq about a year ago.

If you would like to honor a veteran by purchasing a Craighead County Veterans Monument brick, or if you would like to make donations to a care package drive for soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan contact Ted Pylant. His number is (870) 932-2268.