SEC reveals future football schedule rotation

BIRMINGHAM ( The Southeastern Conference on Monday announced a 12-year rotation of non-division opponents for SEC football schedules through 2025.

The athletic directors re-confirmed the rotation at their May meeting following the decision to continue playing an eight-game conference schedule, to include six games against division opponents and two games against non-division opponents.   One of the non-division opponents will be a permanent annual opponent and the other non-division opponent will rotate each season.

Monday's announcement pertains to the rotating non-division opponents.  The rotation begins with the 2014 season and concludes with the 2025 season.   Schools will play all permanent opponents on a home and away basis beginning in 2014.

Schools will not play their non-divisional rotating opponents in back-to-back seasons to allow for schools to play all conference members on a more frequent basis.  Also, the rotation of teams in the first six years of the 12-year cycle is not identical to the rotation in the second six years in order to maintain four home games and four road games per season for each school.

Following are the rotating opponents for SEC schools from 2014-25 ("vs." indicates a home game and "at" indicates an away game):

ARKANSAS – 2014 vs. Georgia; 2015 at Tennessee; 2016 vs. Florida; 2017 at South Carolina; 2018 vs. Vanderbilt; 2019 at Kentucky; 2020 vs. Tennessee; 2021 at Georgia; 2022 vs. South Carolina; 2023 at Florida; 2024 vs. Kentucky, 2025 at Vanderbilt.
(Permanent opponents in 2014:  Home – Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss; Away – Auburn, Mississippi State, Texas A&M, Missouri.  Sites alternate home and away through 2025.)

MISSOURI – 2014 at Texas A&M; 2015 vs. Mississippi State; 2016 at LSU; 2017 vs. Auburn; 2018 at Alabama; 2019 vs. Ole Miss; 2020 at Mississippi State; 2021 vs. Texas A&M; 2022 at Auburn; 2023 vs. LSU; 2024 at Ole Miss; 2025 vs. Alabama.  
(Permanent opponents in 2014:  Home – Georgia, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Arkansas; Away – Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee.  Sites alternate home and away through 2025.)

Rotating Opponents (2014-2025)
  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025
Alabama (UA) UF at UG UK at VU MU at SC UG at UF VU at UK SC at MU
Arkansas (AR) UG at UT UF at SC VU at UK UT at UG SC at UF UK at VU
Auburn (AU) SC at UK VU at MU UT at UF UK at SC MU at VU UF at UT
Florida (UF) at UA UM at AR TAMU at MS AU at UM UA at TAMU AR at AU MS
Georgia (UG) at AR UA at UM MS at LS TAMU at UA AR at MS UM at TAMU LS
Kentucky (UK) at LS AU at UA UM at TAMU AR at AU LS at UM UA at AR TAMU
LSU (LS) UK at SC MU at UT UG at VU SC at UK UT at MU VU at UG
Ole Miss (UM) UT at UF UG at UK SC at MU UF at UT UK at UG MU at SC
Mississippi State (MS) VU at MU SC at UG UF at UT MU at VU UG at SC UT at UF
Missouri (MU) at TAMU MS at LS AU at UA UM at MS TAMU at AU LS at UM UA
South Carolina (SC) AU LS at MS AR at UM UA at LS AU at AR MS at UA UM
Tennessee (UT) at UM AR at TAMU LS at AU MS at AR UM at LS TAMU at MS AU
Texas A&M (TAMU) MU at VU UT at UF UK at UG VU at MU UF at UT UG at UK
Vanderbilt (VU) at MS TAMU at AU UA at AR LS at TAMU MS at UA AU at LS AR
Permanent Opponents in 2014 (Sites alternate home and away through 2025)
Alabama Home:  Auburn, Mississippi State, Texas A&M
Away:  Arkansas, LSU, Ole Miss, Tennessee
Arkansas Home:  Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss
Away:  Auburn, Mississippi State, Texas A&M, Missouri
Auburn Home:  Arkansas, LSU, Texas A&M
Away:  Alabama, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Georgia
Florida Home:  Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina, LSU
Away:  Georgia, Tennessee, Vanderbilt
Georgia Home:  Florida, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Auburn
Away:  Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina   
Kentucky Home:  Georgia, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State
Away:  Florida, Missouri, Tennessee
LSU Home:  Alabama, Ole Miss, Mississippi State  
Away:  Arkansas, Auburn, Texas A&M, Florida
Ole Miss Home:  Alabama, Auburn, Mississippi State
Away:  Arkansas, LSU, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt
Mississippi State Home:  Arkansas, Auburn, Texas A&M    
Away:  Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss, Kentucky
Missouri Home:  Georgia, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Arkansas
Away:  Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee
South Carolina Home:  Georgia, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas A&M
Away:  Florida, Kentucky, Vanderbilt
Tennessee Home:  Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, Alabama
Away:  Georgia, South Carolina, Vanderbilt   
Texas A&M Home:  Arkansas, LSU, Ole Miss   
Away:  Alabama, Auburn, Mississippi State, South Carolina
Vanderbilt Home:  Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, Ole Miss
Away:  Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri