Teacher who left child on bus no longer allowed to drive bus

HOXIE, AR (KAIT) – Hoxie School Superintendent Dennis Truxler told Region 8 News that the teacher who left a 10-year old boy on a school bus will no longer be allowed to drive the bus, following an incident that happened Monday night.

Truxler said the bus driver, who is also an elementary school teacher, won't be allowed to drive the bus. The driver claimed a child alert system failed to go off after the ignition to the bus was shut off.

According to Truxler, security video shows the driver shutting off the bus at 4:28 Monday night. Five minutes later, at 4:33 p.m., the boy can be seen waking up. Truxler said the 3rd grade boy was frightened when he woke up.

Hoxie Police Chief Glen Smith said no criminal charges will be filed against the school bus driver.

A woman claimed she heard the young boy screaming while he was on the bus.

"It's a scary feeling. I have a four year old, it could have been my four year old that it happened to," said Brooke Stewart, who works across the street from the school and said she knew something was wrong when she heard the child screaming for help.

"If it was my child, I would be extremely upset with what happened because I know that's part of their job is to check the bus when they get off," said Stewart. "When I was in school, they count us before we got on and after we got off and made sure there was no one on the bus afterwards."

Police tell Region 8 News the boy is okay and that his parents were notified shortly after.

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