Mayor asks Hoxie residents to conserve water

HOXIE,AR (KAIT) – The city of Hoxie is offering water meter reading clinics forresidents to educate them about water usage.

Hoxie Mayor Lanny Tinker said he doesn't anticipate the cost ofwater decreasing, and has asked citizens of Hoxie to conserve the best they can.

When Hoxie joined Northeast Arkansas RegionalWater the cost of water for the city went up, causing bills for residents to goup too. Water meter clinics have been scheduled for the community in an effortto help.

"We can teach them water conservation and howto read their meter," said Tinker. We'll discuss those situations where water goesthrough your meter and causes your bill to go up."

Mayor Tinker along with Water Superintendent DanialHackworth will show residents ways to conserve water and focus on situationswhere water loss happen the most.

"Most of the water loss comes from thetoilet," said Tinker. "We're going to actually set up a mock toilet situationto show them where water loss can occur."

A highwater bill can be the result of many different issues.

"It's important that people understand waterevents that are going on in their home, how to read your water meter and to goout and check it ever once in awhile," said Tinker. "There are some personalresponsibilities that home owners have to be aware of and that's the reason weare doing these seminars.

Tinker said water meters should be replacedafter ten years. Left over grant money that helped fix the city's sewage issueswill be used to purchase new meters for residence.

"We will be looking at funds we have leftover that are already designated for water meter replacement," he said. "We'llsee what percentage of those water meters we can replace in the next threemonths."

Clinics arescheduled for June 10th and July 8th from noon to 1p.m.and 5 to 6 p.m. in the city hall conference room.

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