Arkansans Looking to Presidential Library Opening

November 12, 2004 -- Posted 6:45 p.m. CDT

Jonesboro, AR -- The countdown has begun and with just 6 days left until the opening of the Bill Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock long- time supporters are speaking out.

More than 30 thousand invited guests -- including dignitaries, former presidents, and celebrities, like the rock singer Bono will be on hand next Thursday to celebrate the dedication of the 165 million dollar Presidential Library in Little Rock; it's a day many in Arkansas having been anticipating for years, including one woman in Jonesboro who holds great memories of Bill Clinton

"In my heart I'm an F.O.B.," said Clinton supporter Allison Gentry.

Gentry's been with Clinton through thick and thin.

"During the campaign, I would work in the headquarters and just do what anyone asked me to do, and then when I wasn't there I was just running my mouth like I still do," said Gentry. "Every step of the way, the whole time, it just worried me so because I thought we just can't do this but he did."

Yes he certainly did, and Allison's got the goods to prove it. She's got t-shirts, books, and pins.

"I wore it so much, the ends broken off of it now, and I've got all their Christmas cards from their 8 years in the White House, said Gentry.

While Allison won't be able to make it to the dedication of the Presidential Library, she plans to tape it from the comfort of home; home where it all began for this future president.

So in the end, how will this Arkansas native be remembered? Only true Clinton fans know the answer.

"I just think it's a gift the man has, wherever he came from he would still be that way, we're just lucky he is an Arkansan and he does love Arkansas," said Gentry.

The opening of the Clinton Library is next Thurday in Little Rock. Events are scheduled to begin around 10a.m.