Teacher retires after 30 years from alma mater

CARDWELL, MO (KAIT)- It wasthe last day of school for students at Southland Elementary and for one teacherit was the last day of teaching kindergarten forever.

Jacqueline Butler or"Miss Jackie" as her students called her taught kindergarten for 30 yearsat her alma mater at Southland Elementary in the same classroom.  Butler has taught nearly 600 students. Many ofthem she's watched grow up and taught their own children.

"It's a special connectionbecause I know their family," she said. "They'll come in and say you taught mymom you taught my dad!"

She said some connections she'smade over the years have held a special place in her heart.

"I had a special needschild with a very short life expectancy and I got a high school graduationannouncement from her," Butler said.

She hopes to be rememberedas the teacher who cared about the kids. However, she laughed when sheexplained how she thinks the students will remember her.

"The cow lady because Idecorate my classroom with so many cows," she said.

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