Bono Lake open for holiday weekend

Bono Lake open for holiday weekend

BONO, AR (KAIT) - Bono Lake is officially open for business and it has people asking questions about what else is in store for the lake.

People want to know more especially about the fishing for the lake and what is available for boaters in the area.

A hot day across Region 8 brought out fishermen around the area to the new Bono lake, and even though some weren't catching any, others were.

Fishermen enjoyed the fact that the lake wasn't very crowded, because it is not easy to find.

OJ, a local fisherman from Forrest City, said "There's no signs to get in, I got in you know they gave me directions to get in, it's you know put some signs out there on the road and people may drive by and say hey Lake Bono lets drive down here and check it out you know, probably get more people out here."

When visitors arrive at Lake Bono they may notice something is missing.

OJ said, "I mean there really ain't too much of a scenery out here, it just pretty much is like a hole with some water in it.  But there is some catfish in here though I'll tell you that."

It also seems that most are enjoying the lake with the warmer weather and the good fishing.

OJ also said, "I'm pretty satisfied you know 50/50, you know I get a bite on my line and that will raise it up a little bit. You know I can leave here with some cats."

Some fishermen out at the lake are hoping for some more species of fish.

Another local fisherman Eric Barnes said, "Bass and crapie, they don't have any bass or crapie yet, and they are talking about putting them in the fall, they should actually put them in the Spring when they spawn more."

There is STILL a lot of work to do, officials say more water is needed and a boat ramp as well as a parking lot will soon be installed.

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