It's summertime, so mosquitoes are back

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -It'sthat time of year again. Summertime is here and so are the mosquitoes.

Jonesboro resident, LeresaClark said she was hoping the extreme winter weather this year would have reducedthe amount of mosquitoes, but winter weather wasn't much of a help and springshowers have only made it worse for some people.

"I think all this rain madethem come a little bit earlier," said resident Michael Witt. "Usually, it's badmid-June but they've definitely come a lot earlier."

Sometimes bug spray just isn't enough.Some people use unique ways to keep the mosquitoes off of them.

"I heard a rumor that if youput a Bounty sheet in your pocket then they won't mess with you," saidJonesboro resident Patrick Moore. "It kind of worked for me last night."

Another woman shared that sheplants lemon grass around her home to keep the mosquitoes from infesting heryard.

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