Potholes continue to be a Craighead Co. burden

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Potholes around the county have been popping up a lot more recently and some have become very deep.

Some are so deep that it is causing people's cars to be damaged.

Sharon Yarbrough is a Craighead County resident who has hit the pothole and said, "I didn't even see it, the shade was over the road, and I just hit that big hole, and it busted my tire, bent my rim.  So now I'm going to have to replace my rim and my tire."

Sharon Yarbrough said potholes on county roads in Craighead County are too much to handle.

Yarbrough said, "I was going about twenty-five when I went down the hill, when I went down the hill and hit it."

People who live along County Road 745 say they've had major problems with it as well.

James McKinney lives near the location of the pothole and said, "I've hit them several times, but I know where the most of them are from here and on the way to 49 so I'm able to miss the most of them."

James McKinney said he has a good idea why the roads have gotten so rough.

McKinney said, "There is a lot of traffic, heavy traffic, moving through this way and a lot of traffic is here between 49 and 351, and even though they patch this area quite often the patches don't last very long from all of this traffic."

The problem hasn't been solved, but McKinney said he has faith that county leaders will figure out a way to permanently solve the problem.

McKinney said, "I know the county does the best they can with their resources so people just have to be tolerant and drive a little slower and be a little more careful when they are out this way."

County officials said the pothole is the next project on their list.  Right now, they're waiting on a part for their roller.  Once that's in, they'll repave the road.

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