2004 American Cancer Society Gala Raises Thousands For Cancer Research

November 13, 2004--Posted at 10:30 p.m. CST

JONESBORO--The American Cancer Society helps millions of people battle and beat this deadly disease.

Saturday night the American Cancer Society  honored those who have overcome the illness, and those who volunteer their time and money.

At a gala and silent auction, the theme of the evening was tonight we shall stop time to celebrate life.

The money raised by the event will go towards cancer research, treatment, and other needs of those battling this debilitating disease.

The money raised will be spent locally in a ten county area right here in Northeast Arkansas.

This is the fourth annual American Cancer Society Gala.

Organizers say the money raised is a blessing to those who havebeen diagnosed with cancer.

Sheila Guinn helped organized this annual event.

"Everyone in the community has just been wonderful at giving their support, and we have a program people bought ads in, and we're just real excited,"said Guinn.

Linda Harvey also helped put the event together.

"Almost everyone has been affected by cancer in some way, and so when you go out and ask to donate, they are usually more than willing because they know someone who has cancer, or has been affected by it themselves,"said Harvey.

KAIT, and our sponsors, were also honored tonight with the Mid South Division Arkansas Media Award for the money raised from the K8- 8k run/walk.

We were able to raise more than forty five hundred dollars for the American Cancer Society.