Downtown speed sign goes up to slow drivers down

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A quick glimpse onto mainstreet in Jonesboro and you'll see drivers and pedestrians making their wayfrom one place to another, but when the driver is going faster than the speedlimit, it's not the safest place for the pedestrian.

"It scares me real badwhen I have to get out into the street," said driver Abby Cook.

Sgt. George Martin withthe Jonesboro Police Department said there was a need for the digital speedsign to make drivers aware of how fast they are really going.

"Just wanting motorists toobey the speed limit and this also gives them a chance when they're observingtraffic they can see how fast they are going," said Martin.

However, some say it willtake more than just a speed sign to get folks to slow down.

"They used to have theraised walks through here when they decorated the brick walks," said pedestrianBrad Townsend. "They had some natural speed bumps built into them."

The decision to go aheadand add the speed sign came after both officers and pedestrians noticed justhow fast people were driving.

"Officers who patrol thisarea have been observing and we do get complaints from pedestrians who say carsdon't stop for them on the cross walks," said Martin.

Sgt. Martin is askingdrivers to be aware of their speed and keep in mind people are constantlywalking across the street.

"We just want people to be very observantbecause you have a lot of cars parked on the side of the road in the parkingspots, and it makes it hard to see when pedestrians are crossing the road,"said Martin.

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