Jackson Co. experiencing an overflow of dogs

NEWPORT, AR (KAIT)- The Jackson County Humane Society has noticed a sudden increase in the number of dogs dumped and abandoned in the county.

The organization kicked off a fundraising campaign Wednesday to raise money for pets to be spayed and neutered at a low cost.

President, Ann Hout said they are seeing more litters of puppies dumped by the side of the road or left at their door step. But she said this problem wont go away until the address the bigger issue.

"This year we think we are seeing probably about a 1/3 increase in these unwanted litters, which means the moms are out there un-spayed," Hout said.

The humane society is taking in 6 to 12 puppies at a time and now the organization is 4 dogs short from being at capacity. Hout said economic hardship is one reason people are dumping their pets.

"If they cant afford the momma dog then they darn sure can't afford the puppies and it's easy, maybe not easy psychological or emotional for some of them but that's the answer, they end up being dumped," she said

And with more dogs being dumped, the burden falls back on them.

"We desperately need more physical help, lots of physical help.With increased numbers, there are increased costs and workload," Hout told Region 8 News.

They currently have 65 dogs at the shelter and 10 dogs in foster homes.

"We're actually built for 60 dogs, we're a little but over our spacing, but we have had as many as 90 dogs out here," Hout explained.

The organization has started a fundraising campaign to help with the spay and neuter problem in Jackson County.

"People will be seeing this in their post boxes, I hope the address this issue with us and help us," she said. "If we do not reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies the population will continue to expand, geometrically not linearly."

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