"Click It Or Ticket" Keeping Motorists Safe Over Holiday Season

November 14, 2004--Posted at 9:30 p.m. CST

JONESBORO--Arkansas State Police and local law enforcement are cracking down on those not wearing safety belts, and those failing to properly restrain children in cars.

"We step up the patrol, and watch for these violations more closely towards the holidays because there is more traffic in the area,"said Arkansas State Trooper, Chris Tilley.

During this intensified enforcement period, drivers will notice an ad campaign targeting an at risk demographic group.

That includes those 18-34, especially males, and those who drive pick up trucks.

"Pick up truck drivers are at risk for roll overs, and greater injuries during accidents,"said Tilley.

"In Arkansas, safety belt use by pick up truck drivers, and passengers is 14 percentage points lower than in other vehicles.

In the event of an accident, safety belt studies show wearing a seat belt can reduce the risk of death or serious injury by fifty percent.

"Buckle up, and make sure your kids are properly restrained.....not only could it saves their lives, it could save others,"said Tilley.