Fallujah Fight Not Yet Over

NOVEMBER 15, 2004 - Posted at 7:09 a.m. CST

FALLUJAH, IRAQ - Beheading chambers, bomb-making factories, and even one Iraqi hostage.  That's what Marines sweeping through Fallujah say they've found.

They say it's evidence of the city's role in the insurgent campaign to drive American forces from Iraq.

So far, U.S. troops have only found two hostages, one Iraqi and one Syrian.  The Syrian was the driver for two French journalists missing since August.

Troops have attacked a bunker complex in southern Fallujah where they discovered a network of steel-reinforced tunnels filled with weapons.

Airstrikes and artillery barrages resumed early Monday.  American officials say it could take several more days of fighting before the city is secured.

The military still hasn't positively identified the mutilated body of a woman found in Fallujah Sunday.

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