Body of woman found inside vehicle in ditch

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY (KAIT) - The body of a Jonesboro woman was found early Saturday morning inside her car in a water-filled ditch.

Sheriff Marty Boyd said the body of Jennifer Jordan was found after dive crews made their way into the water after 2 a.m. Saturday.

Jordan was a volleyball coach at Harrisburg Schools.

Boyd said it appears as though she lost control of her car and slid into the ditch on County Road 204 near the intersection of County Road 233 in southwestern Craighead County.

Jonesboro Police had a missing persons report on Jordan. She was last seen by family on May 29th, but there was no indication of foul play.

A family member found her car in the ditch and notified police early Saturday morning. The county's dive team responded and found Jordan's body inside the car a short time later. Boyd says it appears to be an accident, but will keep investigating.

"You go off this ditch and you're there forever," relative Tony Kurc said.

 Kurc is not only a relative of Jennifer Jordan but a resident of County Road 204. He calls the road a "death trap" because there is no shoulder.

"It will just suck your truck, your car, whatever you're driving," Kurc said. "I mean, it'll throw you off the road."

Once someone is in the ditch, Kurc said there is no getting out.

"Once you flip over in that, your car or truck doors are down in the mud," Kurc said. "You cannot open them. If you've got enough strength to know the window out and maybe crawl through the mud and get out, but it would take a lot of air to do it. I guarantee you that's what happened to Jennifer."

Kurc said sadly Jordan is not the only person to slide in the ditch. Just last week, he saw a motorcycle do the same thing. And Kurc said he has even had a close call.

"I thought I was going to turn my truck over one day," Kurc said. "It got squirrely and luckily no one was coming because when I got straightened up, I was on the other side of the road, which, heck, I wasn't going more than 40, 45 and I was pulling a trailer."

Kurc said he and his neighbors have asked the county to make the road safer, but they have yet to see any improvements.

"I wish we could get somebody to do something else with it before somebody else gets killed," Kurc said.

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