St. Bernards celebrates local cancer survivors

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - St. Bernards Medical Center celebrated its cancer survivors Saturday at its annual Cancer Survivor Day.

The medical center welcomed back nearly 1,000 survivors and their families.

Everyone celebrated kicking cancer with a photo booth, t-shirts, survivor testimonials and more.

One survivor said it is encouraging to see so many other survivors under one roof.

"It's just like a big family reunion!," said Marvin Exum, a five-year skin cancer survivor. "They become your family when you go 45 days at a time. You get in the waiting room and talk to everybody. They've got the same problems."

Exum said a support system like this is why he and the rest of the survivors at this event were able to kick cancer.

One St. Bernards doctor calls the day "very emotional."

"This really is a special family," Dr. Marc Monte said. "This is a tribute to the survivors, their families, their caregivers. This is our reward each year to see the people who might not have been here. It's just a boost to continue to do what we do."

Thanks to community donations and money raised by the staff, St. Bernards was able to give away about $10,000 worth of prizes to their survivors.

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