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The last day at Black Rock school

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BLACK ROCK, AR (KAIT) - For many schools in Region 8 this is the last week of school, but for Black Rock High School it was the last one ever. Next year, they'll be attending school at Walnut Ridge because the districts consolidated.

What is usually a day all students and teachers look forward to was a difficult one for many.

"We are so close with one another," said Black Rock Teacher Tracy Vance. "We help each other inside of school and outside of school."

A teacher, alumnus and a member of the Black Rock Family, to her it's more than just a place she works.

"My parents went to school here, I went to school here all my life and my kids have gone to school here," said Vance. "A lot of people here I went to school with or grew up with, and this is like my second home."

There were a lot of tears but sharing a special moment with students who won't graduate from Black Rock helped bring a smile to her face.

"When I had the juniors in second grade we made a time capsule," said Vance. "We opened it back up and they had written the second graders of 2015, so we read those together and it brought back memories."

She said her last day there felt like the end of a book.

"When you get to the end there are so many emotions," she said. "You're happy you read it."

It's was a bitter sweet feeling for Black Rock Junior Bridget Sloan. Although, she wanted to graduate as a zebra, she has a positive attitude about her new school.

"We know we're going to make the best of it because we're zebras and we know where we come from," said Sloan.

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