Fundraising helps bring grand piano home

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - ASteinway grand piano is making its home in the Fowler Center at Arkansas StateUniversity.

This beautiful 9-footgrand piano is now in Riceland Hall. The purchase of the Steinway was madepossible through the university's fund raising efforts and a generous donationby Dr. J. D. Kelly.

Dr. Kelly has been a longtime supporter of ASU and donated 75-thousand dollars. Doctor Lauren Clark saidit's vital for students to have the opportunity to practice on high qualityinstruments.

"Just having really goodinstruments to practice on so that when they get to the concert stage it's notsuch a big difference.  They're able totake what they do in the practice rooms and beautifully recreate that in a liveperformance," said Dr. Clark.

They've been working on raisingmoney for the pianos in the last four years and Dr. Clark said they're notstopping now.

They plan to continue raisingmoney to purchase additional instruments.

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