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Couple charged after four puppies found dead inside home


A gruesome discovery inside a Montgomery County home has led to aggravated animal abuse charges for two people. Animal control workers found four dead puppies in their home.

"I haven't been there," said Nicole Hulbig of Clarksville. "I have nothing to hide."

With crews cleaning out her Clarksville home, Hulbig said she has no idea what happened at the house or why she's been charged.

Police said a representative for Bill Mace Homes entered Hulbig's North Henderson home this week to find the four puppies dead in the garage. Police believe the bodies have been decomposing for at least two weeks.

"There were two dogs in a wire crate and two dogs in a plastic crate," said Tim Clifton of Montgomery County Animal Control.

Both Nicole Hulbig and husband Eric Hulbig were charged.

Clifton said the house was covered in feces and badly damaged.

"It'd be one thing if they were left in the garage to fend for their own, but these were left in an actual cage where they couldn't get out," said Clifton.

"Obviously, that's incredibly disturbing, worrisome, upsetting and shocking," said Hulbig. "I don't know if there are even words for that, because no one wants to think someone could do that."

Hulbig said she and her two children haven't been living with her husband at the house for a while, and she doesn't know how the house got to this state or where the dogs came from in the garage. She said her husband has also been staying with friends and didn't know about the dogs either.

"He said, 'I don't know what they're talking about,'" said Hulbig. "He said, 'I don't know how they got there. I don't know whose dogs they were.'"

Neighbors told Channel 4 they've seen someone at the house as recently as Monday.

Hulbig said she's the founder of RRR Service Dogs, which trains animals for wounded soldiers. She said she would never do anything to hurt an animal.

"I would hope that the people who know me, who have been to my home, who have worked with me, that they would know this is not something I'd ever do," said Hulbig.

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