Region 8 agencies hand out 100 ATV helmets

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - Law enforcement agencies and emergency responders handed out helmets to local kids Saturday.

The Northeast Arkansas Trauma Regional Advisory Council's (NEATRAC) Injury and Violence Committee gave away 100 ATV helmets to Lawrence County children.

The committee purchased the helmets with a state grant from the Arkansas Department of Health.

The event coordinator, who is also a flight paramedic, hopes the event will decrease ATV injuries.

"I can tell the kids for sure that if you wear a helmet, you probably won't see me as often," said Robert Mabe, an Injury and Violence Prevention Committee chairperson. "None of us here want to see kids hurt. If you wear your helmets, they really do save your life."

The helmet giveaway was the trauma council's first. But with the response it had Saturday, Mabe said council members hope to give away more helmets later this year. 

The following agencies were involved:

  • Arkansas Department of Health
  • Hoxie Police Department
  • Hoxie Fire Department
  • Walnut Ridge Police Department's DARE Officer
  • Walnut Ridge Fire Department
  • AET Ambulance
  • MedicOne Ambulance
  • Hospital Wing
  • LeBonheur PediFlite
  • Air Evac Lifeteam
  • Survival Flight
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