A Better Region 8: Keeping up with our teens

It's a recurring theme here on A Better Region 8.  We all need to know what our kids are doing online.  This came to light in a recent story of 2 Wisconsin girls who are accused of violently stabbing a school friend.

The girls claimed to do this to please a fictional character called "Slender Man."  Who is Slender Man?

He's a character who was created and went viral in 2009. His tall, extremely skinny appearance and faceless features are part of his persona.  He first came on the scene in edited photographs and as fans embraced him, they began writing their own horror stories about him and posting on the web.

Later, a character resembling Slender Man was added to the popular game Minecraft and his own game was first developed in 2012, called "Slender: The Eight Pages." it's been reported that this video game has been downloaded millions of times.

It's tough to know for sure if this was truly the motive for this terrible crime, but it is something parents need to know about. So, how does this kind of thing become a part of pop culture, yet lots of parents don't really know about it?  It's because we need to pay more attention to what our kids are doing online and on video games.

As a father of two teens, I know it's not easy, but it is important.  Knowing what your kids are exposed to and talking with them about it will keep you informed and will make this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP and General Manager