Brookland residents: When it rains, it floods

BROOKLAND, AR (KAIT) - The recent rain in Region 8 has left streets, yards and driveways flooded.

Brookland residents said every time it rains, it floods.

"We've got some new ditches that have been dug, but they're overflowing too so we just really have a water problem here," Brookland resident Norma Hays said.

Whenever it rains, Hays said flood waters soak her entire property.

"I have a time or two had to pull my shoes and socks off and wade in," Hays said. "It's just hectic to clean up after."

Hays said the city is trying to help her.

"They've brought out sandbags to keep it from getting in my utility room," Hays said. "So I appreciate that, but I'm ready for it to quit."

The city is ready for sunshine, too.

"We're water logged," Brookland Mayor Kenneth Jones said. "There's no where for it to go except through the ditches and out."

Mayor Jones said Brookland's drainage system cannot keep up with the recent rainfall. In the last six days, the city has gotten almost a foot of rain, sometimes two inches in less than 20 minutes.

"We had water everywhere," Jones said.

However, Jones said most of the water drained in about 30 minutes.

"The water was gone so we're doing a lot of things to move the water out quickly," Jones said.

The city, with the help of the county and the Brookland School District, built two retention ponds. Mayor Jones said the city has also been clearing out ditches and culverts and installing storm water controls. 

"What we've done so far has helped it, except in the flash flood events," Jones said. "Unfortunately, when we get that amount of rain in a short period of time, Mother Nature's showing us, 'Hey, you've still got work to do.'"

Mayor Jones plans to put in three more storm water controls around the city.

"Hopefully we can slow this down and not have the problem we're having now," Jones said.

Residents have also complained about clogged culverts near the railroad crossing on East School Street. Mayor Jones said the railroad company will work with the city to get the culverts cleared out hopefully by the end of this year.

Mayor Jones also wanted to remind residents of the dangers of culverts with this much rainfall.

"That's very scary because one slip and those children are sucked in to that culvert and they'll drown," Jones said. "I would just really like to ask the parents, when we have a rain event like this, please watch your kids. Don't let them get in that situation."

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