Tips on using pool chemicals safely

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Center for Disease Control is advising people this summer to use caution when handling pool chemicals. Owner of Environments by Arkansas Pool and Spas, John Payne said a reaction can happen in an instant.

"I'll go into the garage and they'll have a bucket of granular chlorine in there and someone has put a can of gas on top of it," he said. "If that gas mixes with that granular chlorine you're going to have a fire."

When preparing to clean a pool always remember to never mix chemicals other than in the pool itself.

"The smallest container you can mix chemicals in is in the pool."

The CDC recommends always wearing gloves, masks and goggles when handling pool chemicals.

"Chlorine gives off a gas," said Payne. "If you look at our chlorine room the door is rusting from the chlorine fumes, and it's just oxidized all the metal parts in there."

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