Mayoral Race Numbers Game Continues

NOVEMBER 16, 2004 -- Posted at: 11:00pm CST

JONESBORO, AR - This latest round of figures have to do with the runoff election; specifically how much money was gathered by both candidates and where it's being spent. The financial reports became an issue about a week ago when Mayoral Candidate Dan Pierce ran an ad in the Jonesboro Sun, questioning his opponent, Doug Formon, and his financial report that was submitted on the October 26th deadline.

Formon made a public announcement regarding the latest financial numbers that were due November 16th. "I am releasing my financial report to the public before it can be distorted by anyone," explained Formon.

Formon went on to mention the newspaper ad and Pierce's accusations against him.

"I have been dedicated to bringing a positive message to this election," added Formon. "Now my opponent has said some negative things about me. They are not based on the true facts, and so I will turn the other cheek."

Pierce rebutted with, "I am a bit surprised though by his statement, because just recently on KAIT in an interview, he talked about how it was a distraction and we should talk about the issues, and I want to talk about who is the most qualified, who is the most experienced person to be the mayor of Jonesboro. I think I'm that person."

Dan Pierce has also commented that Formon didn't include a check written to KAIT for advertising on the October report which covered finances from October 1st through October 23rd.

Pierce added, "We know that he didn't report everything that he should have reported in his last report even the check to KAIT for $1,100 should have been reported and it was not reported. We stand by that."

Doug Formon explained, "It just so happened that Ed Watson from Channel 8 could only meet with us late that afternoon on the 22nd. We met with him, I think, around 4:00, 4:30. I don't know if he was gone on Monday morning or what it was, but he didn't, I don't think, get it on the books until late Monday afternoon for some reason."

In the Running for Public Office Guidebook for Candidates, it states that the preelection report for the general election runoff due on November 16th covers November 3rd through November 13th.

Regarding the check to KAIT, Formon said County Clerk Nancy Nelms left messages at his home, and said his report could be turned in the 21st through the 23rd. His report was turned in on the 21st. The final report for general election spending, including the KAIT check, will be due December 30th.

Mayoral candidates Doug Formon and Dan Pierce will participate in two political forums this week. The first is set for Wednesday at 8pm in the Television studios at Arkansas State University. The 90 minute event will be broadcast live on ASU-TV, which is Cox Communications cable Channel 18 in Jonesboro. Pierce and the alderman candidates battling in a runoff election will participate. However, Formon and Don Mullenix, who is vying for the Ward 4, Position 2 city council spot, will not attend due to prior commitments. Both mayoral candidates have also agreed to participate in a one hour radio forum Thursday evening beginning at five on the Triple FM radio group stations.