Pets lost during severe weather in Region 8

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The severe weather that hit Region 8 has separated many family members from their homes - the furry family members.

Lisa Bohn and her sons found a young, chocolate lab mix wandering around their neighborhood Saturday, June 7, two days after the severe thunderstorm.

"We have just been calling him 'Puppy' because we do not intend to keep him,"she said.

Dr. Gary Strickland, a veterinarian at Jonesboro Family Pet Hospital, said his office routinely fields calls and social media posts from families who cannot find their pets after severe weather.

"A storm comes through, blows the gate down, blows the fence down and that's pretty common. What happened after that storm, we did lose quite a few fences and had quite a few pets lost," he said.

It even happened to him.

"My wife called (and said), 'We've got boards down on the fence and I can't find the dog.'"

He and his wife eventually found their dog at a neighbor's house. Dr. Strickland said introducing pets to neighbors is one good way to keep up with them. "They know if they ever see them out they can give you a call and let you know."

He also recommends microchipping for easy identification, and including pets in family storm safety plans. "More people lose their lives through the animal human bond because they're not going to leave their animal or they're going back for they're animal and they lose their life for that, both of them."

Lisa and her boys canvassed their neighborhood with no luck, and then tried to leave him at a humane society.  "They have a two-week waiting period while they make sure he has shots. So, they asked if we could take care of him for a few weeks. My husband was out of town so I said 'Yes.'"

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