Blacktop to Bono Lake could happen in coming years

BONO, AR (KAIT) - It was a long road to finally get Bono Lake open to the public and now the road to the lake, isn't very smooth either.

As the waters continue to rise in Bono Lake, so does the traffic down County Road 361.

"I came out here last week with my grandbaby. She's six and we waded out here in the mud. It was fun!" Bobbie Richards told Region 8 News.

Friday, Richards made her second trip to Bono Lake.

"I live down the road about a mile and a half," Richards explained.

She and her daughter spent part of the afternoon enjoying the water but she would like to see the drive be a bit less bumpy.

"All the neighbors would like that too and it would bring a little prestige to the place."

Though County Road 361 isn't paved yet, it could happen in the near future.

"It's in the plans to do some major renovations on that road," Craighead County Judge Ed Hill told Region 8 News.

From widening to paving, Hill said cooperation between multiple agencies will make upgrading the road a success.

"If you've been out there, there's some steep bluffs on both sides and you know the Game and Fish own all that property on the right where the lake is," Hill explained. "We're gonna work with their engineers, maybe get over on them a little bit more. We're gonna do a road in there that'll be a lot better than the one we've got in there now."

Two miles of road will need to be paved.  Hill said the stretch of road from CR318 to the entrance of the lake will happen first.

"Well it goes on out, all the way actually to CR 333 which is a blacktop road and our plans are, eventually, to tie them two blacktop roads together with a blacktop road. Do a mile at a time."

So if Mother Nature cooperates and everything goes as planned, blacktop could lead the way to Bono Lake within a few years.

"Two, three years, we should have a nice entrance to the lake," Hill said.

"It's gonna take time to fill the lake, I think, the water coming in and probably time to develop it," Richards said. "Everything takes time but I think it'll be great when they get it finished."

Judge Hill said they are in the process of getting signs made as well so people can better find Bono Lake. Until the road can be paved, the county will be grating the road to help maintain it.

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