Tyronza welcomes The Wall That Heals

TYRONZA, AR (KAIT) - The Wall That Heals has made its way to Tyronza. The traveling wall has nearly 60,000 Vietnam veterans' names on it.

"I've got 24 buddies on that wall and it's like they came to see me," said veteran Ron Taylor.

Taylor and several others worked for a long time to bring the traveling wall to Tyronza.

Believe it or not this little town of Tyronza raised over $6,500 for it," said Taylor.

To finally see it standing there was an overwhelming feeling.

"The Veterans of Poinsett County can't thank them enough," he said.

The goal of the wall is to provide a similar atmosphere to the wall in Washington, D.C.

"We have a lot of older veterans, especially Vietnam veterans that can't go to Washington, D.C., or can't afford to go," said Taylor. "What we want to do is bring it to them."

There are nearly 60,000 names on the wall. Almost 600 of them are from Arkansas and over 80 percent were 21-years-old or younger.

"Youngest one was age 15," said Taylor. "People ask how can that happen but he didn't give his real age."

Taylor said the wall is to remember and honor those who risked their lives.

"It's something that needs to be done because we need to make sure these guys are never forgotten."

The Wall that Heals will be open to the public until Sunday at 5pm.

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