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Retired agent: migrant children situation is "political deception"

NOGALES, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A retired Border Patrol agent with decades of experience with the agency says that the current situation involving hundreds of migrant children held at a facility in Nogales is a case of "political deception."

Zack Taylor, Chairman of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers, said Saturday that leaders in Washington, D.C. are behind what many have called a humanitarian crisis. He said the large number of children has put a strain on agents.

"They didn't sign on to change diapers," said Taylor, who trained agents at the Nogales station for 14 years before retiring in 2003.

He said the Tucson sector is already a busy area for drug smugglers and human traffickers, so he can't believe that the federal government would send hundreds of migrant children to add to the workload.

"They could've moved them to Miami, where they've got the facilities to handle these kind of people," he said. "No, they wanted a crisis at the border."

Agents in the Tucson sector have been reassigned to handle the situation, but exact numbers have not been released at the time of this report.

Taylor said programs like Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and the DREAM Act served as invitations to illegally cross into the United States without repercussions.

"This is an intentional invitation," he said.

Earlier this week, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security held a press conference on this issue. He said anyone, including the thousands of children crossing into Texas, are not guaranteed a path to citizenship.

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