Leaning trees worry Lake City resident

LAKE CITY, AR (KAIT)-A Lake City resident is concerned the uprooted trees around her home could jeopardize her safety. But if she cuts them down she could face legal action.

Although the leaning trees are nearly touching the home of Margaret Willis, they are on her neighbor's property.

"It may not be today or tomorrow but eventually that tree is going to fall," she said.

Willis has lived in her Lake City home for 15 years.

"I really just started having problems last year when a big limb fell off this tree and landed on top of my roof, it costs some damage," Willis told Region 8 News.

She said she reached out to several people including the property owner but has not had any luck.

"I've called the mayor, Mr. Milligan and he said he would try to get a hold of these people, we talked to them once," Willis said.

But every day she worries one of these trees will fall on her home.

"If this tree should come down on my home, it's liable to cause us some very serious injuries and it's definitely going to tear my house up," she said. "I would like to see something done about it."

Her son and grandson have had to cut limbs off her house three times. Willis' daughter, Charlotte Hefner said most of the trees are rotted out so something needs to happen before another storm hits.

"It's mainly the big limbs, even though we cut off the small ones it's the big ones that are breaking off and hitting the house," Hefner said. "After the storm you can see a root coming up around the edge of the tree but after that heavy wind came through it started lifting it with all the rain and now the limb is really lifted."

And she can't help but think about her mother's safety.

"If it falls where is she going to lived, and what if she gets killed, who is going to deal with that,we will," she said.

So Hefner is asking for the community's help.

"If anyone can come and take these trees down for free because we just don't have the money and out insurance wont cover it," she said.

Willis said her insurance company told her they can't cover the cost until the trees fall. According to the Better Business Bureau, if a neighbor refuses to remove dead trees or tree limbs from their property, the next step would be to send them an official letter stating they may be held liable for all of the damages if the tree falls on the home since they failed to take action.

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