Burning questions before you burn storm debris

Burning questions before you burn storm debris

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) - With all of the added debris from the recent storms it has residents piling up debris with plans of burning it now that we are finally in a drier weather pattern.

Roy Box is a Jonesboro resident that spent the day trying to clear his landlord's yard of storm debris.

Box said, "A lot of trees was back over here in that area the city landfill were good people and come out and got it."

County crews have already hauled much of the debris away, but Box said there was more to be cleared which is why he's now burning it.

Box said, "We just wanted to make sure that the wind wasn't blowing very hard, and we wanted to burn it while we had a chance to."

While Box was taking all of the correct precautions to clear his debris, the Jonesboro Fire department wants to be sure everyone who decides to burn knows what to do before they start.

Captain Shawn Nance of the Jonesboro Fire Department said, "Just be sure that they are careful, just be sure that they are burning just yard waste, tree limbs, leaves, things like that.  No construction debris or anything like that.  When they burn be sure that it is in piles no more than three feet wide and three feet high.  There has to be somebody attending the fire at all times and they must have a water hose present."

Captain Nance also said that while preparing debris it is important to pay attention to your surroundings.

Nance said, "Obviously we need to keep that away from any structures, any fences, sheds, houses, anything like that, especially houses with vinyl siding, that is very susceptible to the heat."

Nance also said that Jonesboro Fire Department does suggest that you handle your debris in another manner instead of burning it yourself. "Haul it to the city incinerator if it is yard waste and let it be burned out there where it can be in a controlled environment."

So before you take to the yard to burn your debris be sure to be aware of your surroundings, and remember to be sure that your county isn't under a burn ban before burning.

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