Ticks, chiggers becoming more active in NEA/SEMO

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Thesun is out and so are those pesky chiggers and ticks. With outdoor activitieson the agenda this summer there are certain bugs to look out for. Dr.Leslye McGrath with NEA Baptist said this is the time of year when they startto become an issue.

"People can get them working in their garden,yard, out camping, or out in the woods fishing," said McGrath.

Getting bit by a tick can be serious if nothandled properly.

"You definitely want to inspect your entirebody because if there is a tick there, you want to get it off as soon aspossible," she said. "You want to prevent that tick from staying on there longenough for you to have a major illness."

The symptoms of a tick bite will vary from afever to a serious illness that can affect the entire body. Chiggers aren'tnearly as serious but continuous scratching could cause a skin infection.

Whether it be one of your mom's orgrandmothers home remedies or some commercial products you can find at yourdrug store, you just want to minimize the scratching and the itching," saidMcGrath.

For a list of ways to prevent getting bitclick here.

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