Kids pack on the pounds during summer

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Kids are more likely to pack on the pounds during the summer.

According to a new report by the Centers for Disease Control, kids are more susceptible to weigh gain during summer months.

The St. Bernards Health and Wellness 'Kids Fun and Fit' camp focuses primarily on fitness and help kids discover other ways to be active.

"I heard about it and it seemed like a lot of fun," said 12-year-old Macey Ross.

She was invited to the camp by her friend.

"I like how every week you can meet new people and you pay by the week so you can come whenever you want to," Ross said.

She's also a fan of the exercise drills.

"I really like to warm-ups and how we do up-tall and fall and how we do shuffling and great vine," she said.

Director, Paul Pickens said unlike most camps, they focus primarily on fitness.

"This is our 2nd year to have our camp and we wanted something for the parents to have a choice to allow their kids to go to an exercise camp," he said. "You'll see our kids play a lot of games out there but they don't realize they're actually dong fitness."

Pickens said it's important for kids to have an exercise routine during summer months.

"You're use to being in school, you're getting PE, you're on a schedule. Summer time you're not, you might be sleeping late you may not be going outside at all because it's so hot," he said.

Ross said she recommends this camp to other kids.

"It's better than setting inside and watching TV."

Camps run weekly which gives parents the option to sign up their child a week at a time.

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