Fake cop accused of stopping, searching woman

BONO, AR (KAIT) – Region 8 police are searching for a man posing as one of them.

A 21-year-old woman told Craighead County sheriff's investigators a man in a black Hummer stopped her around 6:30 Monday night on Highway 63 North, approximately one mile north of the Bono city limits.

The woman claimed the vehicle pulled in behind hers and activated blue lights located in the windshield and grill of the SUV.

Once stopped, a white man in his mid-30s approached her car.

The victim said the man was dressed in brown cargo pants and a blue buttoned shirt with a gold badge. She did not recall seeing a weapon.

The man, who identified himself as "Officer Spencer," claimed he stopped her because her vehicle matched the description of a car involved in a theft.

The suspect then asked the woman to get out of her car.

Once outside of the vehicle, the man patted down the woman then searched her car.

According to Cpt. Justin Rolland, the woman said the man never touched her inappropriately or was rude to her.

Following the search, the man took the woman's license back to his SUV. A short time later he returned the license and told the woman she was free to go.

Thirty minutes later Lawrence County sheriff's deputies received a similar call in the Sedgwick area.

The victim claimed a man posing as a Brookland police officer, in the same black Hummer, approached his home and asked for some water to help a stranded motorist.

Cpt. Rolland said to contact your local law enforcement if you encounter the vehicle or a suspicious stop.

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