Emergency room will soon open in Sharp County

CHEROKEE VILLAGE, AR (KAIT)- The residents of north Sharp County will soon have around the clock health care.

The White River Medical Center clinic in Cherokee Village has been transformed to an emergency room, making it the only ER in the county.

"We want to provide quality care to this community, all the time," said Clinic manager, Tabitha Breshears-Krueger.

And now they can. On Monday, the White River Medical Center clinic will change over to an emergency room.

"This building was built 10 years ago so it had to be updated to meet code so doors were widened, the trauma room was fixed, we added a new CT scanner brand new," she said.

Breshears-Krueger said the community was in desperate need of 24 hour emergency care that wasn't miles away.

"Unfortunately, they have to travel at least 40 miles to receive emergency care for the people in this area," she said.

Erica Honey is the shift leader at a gas station just down the road from the new ER. She said she's relieved to have this new facility nearby.

"I have two kids, a lot of people here have kids, there are elderly here and you can't just take off they need something close," Honey said.

Last summer, Honey had to drive to Batesville for emergency care.

"My son busted his eye open and needed stitches last summer and we couldn't even go get stitches there," she said.

The new ER has 8 beds including the trauma room and is the first satellite emergency room in the state.

"Now I wont have to go to Batesville or Salem or any other place if there is an emergency," Honey said.

Breshears-Krueger said residents will have access to the same services offered at White River Medical Center. The new ER will also be a part of the Arkansas Saves program, the statewide network that provides video consultation for stroke treatment.

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