Road repairs in Craighead county

Road repairs in Craighead county

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - This winter did a lot of damage to the roadways around Region 8 and all of the rain these past few days hasn't helped the conditions much either.

Road crews have been busy filling potholes and repaving sections of road.  

Craighead county Judge Ed Hill said, "We just got various spots in the county that we're working on."

Judge Hill noted that they were trying to get out earlier this year but they ran into problems with the weather and said, "Between the storms and the wet weather and the long Winter you know it's been kind of touch and go, but with the hot weather and the dry weather now it's been windy and things dried out real fast."

The weather wasn't the only thing slowing the crews down either.

The roller that the county uses had a broken part and had to wait for it to come in, but on Tuesday the crews were out and so was the roller.

Judge Hill said, "Got it fixed up, got it rolling, got it back and it worked out pretty good because by the time the weather dried up we could really get to paving and had it fixed and ready to go."

With all of the repair work going on around the county, many wonder if it will cost the tax payers more money.

Judge Hill said, "We'll do our best to stay within the budget, and normally we'll try to do a mile or two of new stuff each year with our budgeted money.  We're probably going to look at doing more maintenance this year.  You know, you have to maintain what roads you got before you build new ones, so we'll probably spend our whole budget on just maintenance this year."

With some of the money being moved around in the budget for all of the maintenance Judge Hill doesn't plan on letting other projects slide.

Judge Hill said, "If we do have any money left we'll do a mile of two and lay on some chip and seal maybe or mile or two of new road."

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