Nice-Pak makes backpack program possible

JONSBORO, AR (KAIT) - Thanks to onecompany in Region 8, the kids at City Youth Ministries will go home with a mealall summer long.

"Our folks really ralliedaround this project and brought in over 3,000 items to go in the backpack programfor City Youth Ministries," said Nice-Pak Human Resource Manager Kerry Roemer.

City Youth MinistriesExecutive Director, Kim Shumpert said the backpack program almost wasn't anoption for them.

"It would have been closeto $9,000 that we didn't have in our budget right now," Shumpert said.

As part of Nice-Pak's"Be the Difference Day", they wanted to make a difference forchildren in the community.

"We did some brainstorming about a sizable impact that we could make for an organization," Roemersaid. "Historically our team has always been excited about benefiting childrenand so we thought it was good fit."

With over 3,000 food itemsmore than a hundred kids will receive a meal to bring home during thesummertime.

"When we started summer wewere really concerned because our program only goes through Thursday, so wewere really worried there was going to be three whole days that we weren't goingto be able to provide a meal," Shumpert said.

What started off as a funfilled food drive, is now keeping less children in the community hungry.

"Everybody hears aboutwhat a hungry state Arkansas is, so we wanted to make a difference," saidRoemer.

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