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Massive tree falls on DeKalb County home


Micheal Parks has traveled far and wide to clean up after storms.

"I have gone as far as Buffalo, NY, and as far south as Waco, TX," said Parks.

But Parks said a mess after a storm is in the running for the worst he's seen.

"It's up there in ranking for sure," Parks said.

Last night a pop-up storm tore through the neighborhood near the 3500 block of Oregon Trail, knocking over a large tree.

"They got quite extensive damage. The whole front side of the house is gone. It is all the way down into the first level of the home," Parks said.

The storm also caused damage to several other homes in the area. Strong winds, soft wet clay and poor root systems led to more downed trees in yards, on roofs and across streets.

"From my experience it was either straight line winds or a micro burst that pretty much hit this neighborhood. Because you can see the rest of the City of Atlanta didn't really know a storm hit like this," said Parks.

Parks said the good news is the home's owner, an elderly woman, was not around when the tree fell, and that he said, is a blessing.

"It is good nobody was injured. You can always repair and fix something. But you can't replace a life," Parks said.

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