Fake report about a fake cop equals real charges for Jonesboro woman

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Two reports of fake cops within five miles and thirty minutes of each other had multiple law enforcement agencies in Region 8 searching for a cop imposter.

In the first report, a woman claimed a cop pulled her over on Hwy 63 near Bono. The woman claimed the cop searched her car and patted her down.

That didn't happen.

The other report in Sedgwick did happen. An arrest has been made related to that incident but not for impersonating a police officer.

It's confusing, to say the least.

We'll explain the Sedgwick case in a moment, but first, the woman who started it all by claiming she was pulled over and patted down in Bono now admits she made it all up.

"She reported that she was asked to exit the vehicle, retrieve her drivers license, she reported that this individual searched her," Captain Justin Rolland with the Craighead County Sheriff's Department told Region 8 News.

Now police say the only fake thing about it was her story.

"It's very frustrating when we find out that stories like this are made up for personal gain," Rolland said. "I don't think there could ever be a reason why you would make up a story like that."

Rolland said what 21-year-old Hannah Tagge had to gain was an alibi.

"She was due home at a certain time and was asked what had taken so long."

Rolland said her excuse then and her story to police never changed and gave police no reason to believe she was lying.

"A lot of time was put into this, a lot of man hours, a lot of personnel," Rolland said.

The severity of what Tagge said had happened put pressure on police to find the cop imposter.

"If that person who is pretending to be an officer goes as far as to actually pull someone over, to conduct a traffic stop, in our opinion, they have criminal intent."

Rolland said her story to compensate for lost time equaled a lot of lost time for police from multiple different agencies.

"Cases like this are investigated as they are, a lot of officers are put on a case like this and a lot of man hours are put toward it because of that concern."

Rolland added what made her story so credible was the other fake cop report just 30 minutes later, 5 miles down the road.

However, during the investigation, police learned it was all a coincidence.

Yes, the report in Sedgwick did happen, but in this case, it was a former Brookland Police officer who knocked on a woman's door asking for water to help a stranded motorist.

Police say the man's story was true, but the woman in that case didn't believe him and called police.

He was questioned by police after being picked up on unrelated misdemeanor warrants. He's facing no charges for impersonating a police officer.

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