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Annual Dump the Pump Day underway

2014 Dump the Pump Challenge winner. 2014 Dump the Pump Challenge winner.

Looking for ways to save at the pump? The City of Savannah encourages citizens to join in the 7th annual Dump the Pump Day on Thursday. 

This national event raises awareness about the benefits of using alternative modes of transportation and encourages folks to commute in a more eco friendly way.

The Challenge pits car vs. bus vs. bike in a race that departed at 8 a.m. from the 12 Oaks Shopping Center near Abercorn and DeRenne to City Hall, which served as the finish line for the Dump the Pump Challenge. Competitors had to follow all traffic laws during the challenge. 

"The Dump the Pump commuter challenge is a fun way to encourage Savannahians to explore their transportation options and remind them that traveling by car isn't always the fastest way to go," said John Bennett, Executive Director Savannah Bicycle Campaign in a news release. "Bicycling and transit are viable alternatives for many people and we hope this event will increase interest in affordable and healthy transportation."

In the contests of bicycle vs. bus vs. car, the bicyclist has been the first to make it from midtown to City Hall each of the past six competitions.

This year, a bicyclist won the challenge again, taking only 20 minutes to reach the finish line at City Hall where Mayor Edna Jackson awarded her with the coveted Dump the Pump Challenge Medal. 

WTOC's Whitney Harris was there for every second of the challenge, and will have more details about the race and big winner coming up on The News.

The City of Savannah, Chatham Area Transit and the Savannah Bicycle Campaign have organized Savannah's Dump the Pump Challenge since 2008.

Get Dump the Pump Day information for the Chatham Area Transit here.

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