Stay safe when planning outdoor activities

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Beingout in the hot summer sun can take a lot of out of you, especially the amountof water in your body. It's important to look for signs of dehydration whilespending hours outside.

Dr. Skip Baker with NEABaptist said signs consist of weakness, fatigue, nausea,vomiting and intense headaches. People who spend majority of their time indoorstend to be the most at risk because their body is not used to the heat.

However, it's not to say those who workoutdoors are not capable of dehydration. Lifeguard, Zoe Ungerank, is extracareful when she is out in the heat.

"I carry water with me all the time, "shesaid. "I'm constantly filling up when I get a break."

With just a few weeks into summer thehospital has seen certain ages coming in with cases of dehydration.

"We are especially seeing it with the elderlyand young children," said Dr. Baker.

Paying attention to the warning signs cansave you a trip to the emergency room. Dr. Baker suggests going indoors orfinding a shaded spot if you  start tofeel dizzy or light-headed.

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