A Better Region 8: 2014 Scholarship Salute

We saw our future this week at the 2014 KAIT Scholarship Salute.  4 valedictorians from across Region 8 received scholarships. To enter for the scholarship, each had to write an essay titled: "A Better Region 8."

Some of the excerpts from their essays are profound:

Ethan Ballard from Gosnell High School wrote: "A renewed focus on giving freely of ourselves and paying it forward can make all the difference."

Nanci Flores from Nettleton High School plans to begin a scholarship fund after graduating from college for students in Region 8.

Sabrina Knight from Walnut Ridge High School talked about how proud she was of Region 8 after recent Arkansas tornadoes. "Neighbors, friends and people who had never even met from all over Region 8 began loading up trucks and trailers and headed to the small town to help."

And Thea Winston from Forrest City High School wrote: "While we are focused on all of the negative, there is an abundance of positive happening around us. If we wake up every morning with a more positive attitude than the one we went to sleep with, we are already changing ourselves."

Well said Thea.  Maybe our youth is more in touch than we think, taking a moment to see what's on their mind, and listen to their view of the world can make this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP and General Manager