A Better Region 8 - Pay It Forward!

If you're worried about the next generation and how they will take the reigns on what we give them, don't be. Let me tell you why.

Eleven-year-old Brittany Jordan of Caruthersville, Missouri was walking in the local grocery store when she looked down and noticed 409 dollars laying on the ground. I'm sure many of us would just pick up the money, put it in our pocket and keep going. Not Brittany.

This eleven-year-old knows right from wrong. She notified the store.

The next day someone called the store saying they'd been in to cash their payroll check, but couldn't find the money. Brittany met up with the rightful owner and gave them the money.

Such a great life lesson she gave us. We should always do the right thing. And when someone is kind to us – pay it forward.

We need more people like Brittany who do the right thing. Thank YOU for making this A Better Region 8!

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP and General Manager