From Hope to a Legacy

November 18, 2004 -- Posted 8:08 p.m. CDT

Little Rock, AR -- Despite dismal conditions, the William J. Clinton Presidential Library is now archived in history. Thousands braved the rain to watch the dedication ceremony of the multi-million dollar library on the banks of the Arkansas River on Thursday morning.

"If my beloved mother were here, she would remind me that rain is liquid sunshine," said Clinton.

It was a day of bi-partisan support as the current President and former Presidents paid tribute to the 42nd President of the United States.

"Bill Clinton brought insight, determination and wisdom to bear on the issues that he addressed," said President Carter.

"Once in office he was very much an activist President," said President George H. W. Bush.

"President Bill Clinton led our country with optimism, and a great affection for the American people," said President George W. Bush.

Even under soggy conditions, Clinton fans listened with open hearts remembering a dream that first began here in his home state of Arkansas, and continues in his legacy.

"The thing I want most is for people to come to this library, whether they are republicans or democrats, liberals or conservatives, and to see that public service is noble and important," said Clinton.

Clinton's multi - million dollar bridge to the 21st century is said to embody his personal and professional life. The former President is hoping everyone will walk away with a clearer understanding of his accomplishments: the economy, welfare reform, and attempts at Middle East peace.

"In the end I always kept score by a simple measure, were ordinary people better off when I stopped, than when I started," added Clinton.

The library is estimated to bring in millions of dollars for Little Rock in the next year alone.