Filing false reports cause frustration for law enforcement

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -Since2008 there have been 81 false police reports made to the Jonesboro PoliceDepartment. That averages to about 13 cases a year. Unfortunately, JPD isn'tthe only agency in town who deals with the phony files.

"It's very frustrating onlaw enforcement end because we are constantly working everyday on severaldifferent cases," said Craighead County Sheriff Marty Boyd.

The fake reports not onlywaste time but money as well. Some cases waste up to thousands of dollars.

"When it comes down tomoney you're looking at man hours placed on something," said Boyd. "The case inparticular that happened last week wasted up to four or five thousand dollarsin one day."

Filing a false report is amisdemeanor and could lead to punishment up to one year in jail. However,felony charges are possible.

"If someone is injured orsomeone is arrested under a false report, than the person that made that reportwill be charged with a felony crime," said Boyd.

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