Bono residents concerned about 'tissue paper, tampons, condoms' that come from sewage after heavy rain

BONO, AR (KAIT) – The residents of a Bono neighborhood are concerned about the ongoing problem of sewage waste being left behind after a round of heavy rain.

Since 2012, the city's sewage system has backed up and flooded Tammie Rodriguez's back yard.

The water flows from her yard under her fence to a grassy area between her home and a housing project. The grassy area is a high-traffic spot where neighborhood children play and walk to the school bus stop.

Once the water recedes, tissue, tampons and condoms are sometimes found in Rodriguez's yard and in bushes that line Lisa Lane where she lives.

Rodriguez and her neighbor Peggy Hays said they live with a foul odor, flies and mosquitoes because of the sewage water.

Rodriguez also had to replace five-month-old carpet, kitchen tiles and hardwood floors because sewage water flooded her home during Tuesday's rain.

"The problem is getting the water department to do something about it because it's been going on since 2012," she said.

Bono Mayor Billy Stephens told Region 8 News over the phone that he and the city sewage superintendent would be visiting Lisa Lane to figure out how to solve the problem.

"They said that they were going to call Roto-Rooter to bring out a jet and jet out the lines up on the corner where there's a big tree. They think there might be some roots in there and hopefully that's the problem."

Rodriguez wants the City of Bono to reimburse her for the damage in her home.

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