A Better Region 8: Speak up!

When you pay the bill, it's reasonable to expect that things are handled properly.  But that may not be the case.

We were all reminded of this when the Arkansas Insurance Commission sent down an emergency order last month suspending the license of insurance agent John Ward.  Ward is accused of taking cash payments for premiums and not sending them to the insurance company where he was an agent.

So how can you keep something like this from happening to you?

According to the emergency order, the premiums were paid to the agent in cash.  Paying bills in cash seems very direct, but here's something to think about.  Paying bills by check, money order or credit card instead of handing over cash creates a paper trail and could go a long way in keeping people honest.

Also, if you believe you are a victim, visit the criminal investigation division section of the Arkansas Insurance Commission's website.  Saying something when you think something is wrong, and taking the right steps to protect yourself from being a victim will make this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager