NAFA holds adoption day for 30 rescued dogs

NAFA holds adoption day for 30 rescued dogs

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A month has passed since Northeast Arkansans for Animals (NAFA) and Bono police


Most of these dogs spent three to four years in cages before their rescue.

"Most of them had eye infections, ear infections, sores all over their bodies," Wanda Turner with NAFA said. "Their pads were worn from where they stood on the wire cages, they had urine scald from where they had sat in their own urine, they were anemic because they were covered in fleas, they were dehydrated because there wasn't a single solitary water bowl in any of their cages."

However, the dogs were given a second chance Saturday at NAFA's "Debutante Coming Out Ball" at the Jonesboro Petco.

"They're beginning to learn to be real dogs," Turner said. "They didn't understand a vacuum cleaner, grass, they didn't understand anything. It's been a real learning experience."

Nineteen of the Bono rescue dogs found homes Saturday. Hailey, a schnauzer mix, was one of them.

"We saw her and we thought she just looked really adorable and liked her temperament," Jonesboro resident Erica Smith said. "She kind of looks like the schnauzer mix that we already have."

The families will foster the pets for two weeks and then decide to officially adopt them.

Smith said she prefers rescue dogs.

"You're adopting a dog that really needs a home," Smith said. "Some of them have had pretty bad pasts so you're giving it a better life. You're giving it a second chance."

Other prospective pet owners came for the same reason.

"We are taking her home to love her and give her lots of room to play," Batesville resident Connie Spurlin said.

Turner said that's NAFA's goal: to find all animals a place to be loved.

"All of the dogs have cleaned up and found happiness," Turner said. "One of the dogs, you could see on its face. For the first time, it had space and it just laid there. It was like, 'I have gone to heaven. This is what life is supposed to be like.'"

Turner said all of the Bono rescue dogs will survive, but some have to go through several more months of treatment before they can be adopted.

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