Scam focuses on computer security

Scam focuses on computer security

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Scammers are now trying to rob you of your money by claiming they're a computer virus company.

Jonesboro resident, Virginia Covey, was checking her email and browsing Facebook when suddenly her computer screen went black. A message popped up telling her that her computer was going to crash. A few moments later she received a phone call.

According to Covey, a man with a foreign accent answered claiming he was with a security software company.

“He told me that he saw I was having problems with my computer system and that he was with my security company,” she said.

During her phone call she noticed the mouse on her computer screen moving. The caller had full access to every file on her computer and after a few minutes had passed, Brown told Covey and her husband the problem had been fixed.

“We got kindly suspicious of it and the price of it was $279.99,” she said. “Then he wanted a credit card number.”

Covey gave her card number and until she tried contacting the company several times without a response, she knew the phone call was a scam.

She immediately canceled her credit card and contacted both the Attorney General’s Office and the Craighead County Sheriff's Department.

Covey told Region 8 that the Attorney General’s Office mentioned to her that the same scammers are going door to door to try to sell the security packages.

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