A Better Region 8: Look in your back seat!

A Better Region 8: Look in your back seat!

It's a tragedy that never should have happened. 22-month-old Cooper Harris died when he was left in his father's car in the hot Georgia sun.

No matter what the circumstances are surrounding the case, it could have been avoided. The story has gone national and it's our hope that it gets parents' attention.

Here at Region 8 News, we've done many stories on the dangers of leaving children in hot cars and just how hot it quickly gets. Then you mix in present day distractions like cell phones, change in schedule because our kids are out for summer and the hectic pace of everyday life.

As a parent I totally understand and fight these distractions too. When you mix all these things together, the chance of something tragic happening in our own backseat goes way up even for the best of parents.

So I want to challenge fellow parents. We do not want to do a story this summer on a child dying in a hot car here in Region 8. Please take the time to check your back seat, pay attention, you could be saving your own child's life.

Getting through the summer without losing a young life in a hot car will make this A Better Region 8.

Chris Conroy - KAIT VP and General Manager